Why we love Soup!
Soup is the Perfect Food.
When made right, with natural ingredients and love, soup is the perfect fuel!   
We like to think of our Food as fuel , meaning we aren't just filling our bellies but we are nourishing ourselves with simple good nutrients that keep us healthy.  What we eat affects more than just  our health, it also effects our mood, our hormones and our overall well-being.
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About Me
Lady of the Ladle
over 30 years experiencing soup and life.
My name is Jeanette Bayley and my husband Tim, likes to call me "The Lady of the Ladle".  My journey into soup and wellness started 30 years ago.  Out of every situation we gain knowledge.  Having illness in my life at an early age led to educating myself in how the body's digestive system works. 

Today I am still on the journey  to gain knowledge of our complicated organic machines we live in whilst we rotate around the sun.  I am happy to share my knowledge of food and wellness.  Although, I understand not everyone will agree with my perspectives but I belive that  this is what make all of us individuals and interesting.  
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Once there was a time...
For almost 6 years we were a cafe in Toronto located near bloor St. and Dundas St. W.  We loved serving up healthy options for all the community members as well as our neighbors 

But as I like to say, sometimes life gets in the way of our lives.  Sometimes for good reasons, and  sometimes,  not so good. 

We would like to continue in what inspired us originally - the sharing of information about soup, life and some healthy inspirations. I hope we can contribute to your being happy and healthy when your time with us here is over.