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  1. - one onion, rough chopped - one medium carrot chopped - 2-3 cloves of garlic - 2 celery sticks chopped - one large bay leaf - 1/2 tsp dried thyme - 1 tsp cumin - 1 tsp salt - 1/2 tsp ground pepper - 8 cups of water - 1 cup of dried red lentils Put everything but lentils in a pot and boil for 1/2 hour to 45 minutes, add lentils, simmer for 1/2 hour, add 1/4 cup of chopped frozen spinach and blend.
    This soup is rich flavorful and full of protein, iron, vitamins and minerals
  2. - one onion chopped - one carrot chopped - 3 garlic cloves chopped - 2 ribs celery chopped - 1 28oz can of diced tomatoes + 2 full cans of water - 1 tsp cumin - 2 tblsp curry powder - 1 tsp salt - 1 tsp honey - 1 19oz can of chick peas Place everything but the chick peas and kale in a large pot, bring to a boil then simmer for 1/2 an hour. Blend, then add chick peas and 1 cup of chopped kale, simmer for another 20 minutes. Add more water if needed.
    Curried chick pea and Kale
    savory & hearty with chick peas which add lots of fiber and iron
  3. - one onion chopped - one small carrot chopped - two celery sticks chopped - 3 cloves of garlic chopped - six cups chopped broccoli - six cups of water - 1 tsp dried thyme Put everything into a large pot and bring to a boil. Simmer for 1 hour, adding water if necessary. Then, add 2 cups of milk and blend. Add salt and pepper to taste.
    Cream of Broccoli
    Full of vitamin C, this soup is a go-to for comfort food
  4. -1 onion, 1 carrot diced -2 celery sticks diced -1 garlic clove diced -1 can diced tomatoes -2 tbls of tomatoe paste -1/4 cup chopped fzn spinach -1 red pepper diced -1 sm. zucchini diced -1 1/2 tsp dried thyme -2 bay leaves, 1 tsp honey put onion, celery, carrot, garlic, diced tomatoes with 2 cans of water, bay leaves and thyme and simmer for an hour. then add tomatoe paste spinach, zucchini, pepper and honey with pinch of salt and pepper.
    Tomato & Vegetable
    This soup is rich in vitamins and minerals with a minestrone flavor.