Jeanette Bayley

Head Honcho

Passionate, warm, nurturing and nourishing - Jeanette is Soup 'n Such. 

She started this cafe as a way to give back. "I just want to serve good people good food. Real food. It's simple." 

Jeanette's homemade cooking is what keeps her customers coming back 6 days a week - always to her smiling face. "I'm here because I love it. It's my passion and my way of feeding my soul." 


and we cannot forget...

Our official "WHAT-NOT" (Jeanette's original sunshine)

fresh out of university...

Mr. Bayley Nargang

Tim Oaks


"The most supportive husband on the planet." 

He's a silent partner in the view of the customers, but the pillar behind Jeanette. 

"He rubs my feet at night, does the cafe shopping on the weekend, and cheers me on during the good and the bad."

"I owe everything to him. There would be no Soup 'n Such without Tim." - J


CBO (chief bark officer)

It's still up for debate whether Jeanette rescued Sunshine... or Sunshine rescued Jeanette. 

Adopted from the local vet weighing just 5 pounds and in such bad shape she needed to have her leg removed. 

3 years later, happy as a clam - Sunshine enjoys the limitless love of her family and doesn't even mind sharing her Mommy with the customers of Soup 'n Such.


Bayley does anything and everything Jeanette needs him to. They've been a team for 22 years - and you can see that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Bayley shares the same passion and commitment to quality food and warm, service. When he's not helping his Ma at the cafe, he's running his brand new multimedia startup Narley Media.